6th JPS INTERNATIONAL SALON 2017 Entry Form/ Conditions/ Rules/ Entry Fee

6th JPS Salon Online Entry Form

3rd Jodhpur International Circuit 2017 Entry Form/ Conditions/ Rules/ Entry Fee

3rd Jodhpur International Circuit 2017 Online entry Form

"Photography can put a human face on a situation that would otherwise remain abstract or merely statistical. Photography can become part of our collective consciousness and our collective conscience. It is a way to remember history and to try not to relive the mistakes of the past". BY:- James Nachtwey.


Organization which creates aura of photo-journalism all over india. JPS is one of those premier organizations who organize International salon in India. We also organize national salon for photo journalists. This salon is very popular in international community as it provides an artisitc view to Indian event photography to the world. A huge mass of photo journalist throughout the world participates in this salon.

"This organisation is a member of Federation of indian Photography (FIP) - Kolkata And Indian International Photographic Council (IIPC),New delhi

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